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Moorea Island

The Te mana o te moana non-profit association was founded on September 23rd, 2004. Through its research, conservation and awareness raising activities, Te mana o te moana strives to protect the marine environment of French Polynesia and to educate the public.


Download STATUTS of Te mana o te moana – Ocean’s Spirit – 2012 (in French)

Download Situation au Répertoire des Entreprises en Polynésie française 2012 (in French)


Te mana o te moana non-profit is

  • state-approved and officially recognized by the environmental code

Download the Arrêté du 26 juin 2008 (in which TMOTM is recognized by the Environmental Code)

  • recognized as General Interest since 2008

Download the Journal Officiel – Arrêté du 17 septembre 2008 (in French) (in which TMOTM is recognized as General Interest)

  • member of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), membership type B (c) – National non-governmental organizations (number NG/25093)

Download the  official letter TMOTM – Member of IUCN (in French)

  • member of the FAPE (Environment non profit Foundation), the  UPJ (Polynesian Union for Youth)



Protect the marine environment of French Polynesia and educate the public, through conservation, awareness-raising and research activities. >> more…




A dynamic team, helped by oustanding patrons and motivated tranees… Read more about the people involved in te mana o te moana. >> more…



te mana o te moana gets support from a range of different partners that have local or international influence. These organisations usually provide funds, technical expertise, or even special consultancy. >> more…


Annual Reports

Please read our activities updates and Annual Reports, year by year. >> more…


Our office and facilities

Since the end of 2010, during the 1st Symposium on sea turtles of French Polynesia, te mana o te moana inaugurated its new office and facilities. These include a room dedicated to education activities with children, an office for our permanent staff, and a specific structure to provide care to the sea turtles (see the sea turtle clinic). This new facility was funded by the InterContinental hotels, the Moorea Dolphin Center and the Pacific Beachcomber Company.

Fare Education - Education RoomFare Education - Education RoomOffice room and care center - Bureau et salle de soins






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