Board Members

Cecila GasparCécile Gaspar
Cécile is a founder member of te mana o te moana, and the President, since its creation. A veterinarian, she completed a PhD in marine ecology and  is also a senior lecturer for the EPHE (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes). Deeply involved with the protection of the marine environment and its fauna, Cécile shares her time between the association, and her activities as scientific veterinary manager and Co Maganger of the Moorea Dolphin Center. She also takes part in many international conferences on marine environment.

Cecile Gaspars’ Bio

Cecile Gaspar’s bibliography

Richard Bailey


Richard Bailey
Richard is the Treasurer secretary of te mana o te moana. He is also the owner of the InterContinental hotels of French Polynesia, and of the ship Paul Gauguin, cruising in the South Pacific.

Richard Bailey’s Biography (in French)

Yann Panheleux

Yann Panheleux

Yann is the Treasurer of  te mana o te moana. He is also the animal director of the Moorea Dolphin Center.



Board of Directors

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Jean-Michel CousteauJean-Michel Cousteau – since October 2008

To show his support to te mana o te moana, Jean-Michel Cousteau accepted to become the association’s Patron on October 2008.
Te mana o te moana has been collaborating with Ocean Futures Society, nonprofit association founded by Jean-Michel Cousteau, since 2006. The two associations joined forces to implement the Sustainable Reefs program in French Polynesia in 2007/2008. The educational “Sustainable reefs” toolkit was distributed and presentations were given to 4 200 students and 170 educators in French Polynesia.
Thanks to this fruitful long-term partnership, other educational projects will be developed by the two associations in the nearest future.

Ocean Futures Society founded by Jean Michel Cousteau

JF Clervoy parrainJean Francois Clervoy and Richard Linnehan – since June 2009

Jean-Francois Clervoy is an Astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA) since 1992. He was invited in French Polynesia to celebrate both the year of the Astronomy and the World Ocean Day in 2009. He was accompanied by Richard Linnehan, astronaut from the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) since 1992 too, who has already collaborated with Te mana o te moana a few years ago for a huge educational projet “Manareva”. The World Ocean Day was the opportunity for te mana o te moana to welcome 2 new patrons in order to preserve our Biodiversity “from the sea to the space”.


Mehiata Riaria – Patron since 2014


Elected Miss Tahiti 2013 and first runner-up at Miss France 2014, Mehiata is very involved in the protection of her fenua. Encountered in the premises of the Polynesienne des Eaux company (Polynesian waters) where she ‘s in charge of the communication department, Meihata was immediately excited to bring her contribution to the protection of sea turtles. This is how she became our new patron after having discovered the sea turtles Clinic and the variety of educational activities provided by the association.



Maud Fontenoymaud

Famous yatch woman, Maud Fontenoy is navigating all around the world explain how we can protect our ocean.. After an educational project developped in French Polynesia with our foundation, she decided to become one of our patron…




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Vie Stabile
Vie is the director of te mana o te moana. Educator, then education head officer, Vie is still in charge of all the education actions and programs held by the founfation. She also creates pedagogic tools and develop educational programs for the public.

Read Vie Stabile CV

Magali LagantMagali
Animator, Magali delivers educational programs of the association, and  is in charge of te mana o te moana’s participation to all environmental events. As a technician, she’s coordinating the team of the Sea Turle Clinic.

alice-bis-paysageAlice Carpentier   

She’s a marine biologist, passionated by the world of the sea turtles. She joined our team this year 2016, in order to develop and promote research and conservation programs. She’s also in charge with Magali of the Sea turtle Clinic.


protrait-mauiMaui Roberts

Native from Moorea, Maui joined our team this year 2016 as technician. He ‘s  in charge of daily tasks at the Clinic (food preparation, sea turtle feeding, cares, cleaning…), and also of maintenance and servicing aspects of the Clinic.


Each year, te mana o te moana welcomes trainees from universities (biology, environment, marketing, infography, etc…). During their internship, they can be in charge of developing educational activities, research or conservation programs, or can help with the daily management of the Sea Turtles’ Clinic.


Helpful contributors


We are very grateful to these persons, who manage to give some of their time to help with various activities of te mana o te moana: Torea Colas, Danielle Blanc-Piperaud, and, for their photographies: Thomas Vignot, Alexis Rosenfeld, Pierre Lesage, Rodolphe Holler, Cyril Tricot, Isabelle Dupré, Renaud Fayada

DCIM100GOPROOur collaborators volunteers :

Nicolas Leclerc, marine biologist in charge of the field missions

Charlotte Esposito, coordinator of the Cetaceans network

Our regular volunteers : Sylvie, Vanessa, Cher, Brigitte, Maï, Tehinarii, Matthieu, Cécile, Cécile …


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