Hei moana Network


The marine environment in Polynesia is home to an exceptional biodiversity: rich fauna and flora, coral reef, iconic marine species (sea turtles, marine mammals…). Facing a lot of different threats like marine pollution, coastline urbanization and overexploitation of resources, these ecosystems and species –for most of them endangered- are protected in French Polynesia. The population is becoming more and more aware of the crucial need to protect the marine environment and its resources, foundations of the local culture and economy. To guarantee the long-term survival and a real protection of these iconic and globally threatened marine species, it is essential to educate local populations and especially youth.

It is in this context that the project Hei Moana Ocean sentinels was born in order to make science accessible to the general public.

Learn for a better understanding… Understand for a better protection…Get involved for a better preservation…

HEI MOANA (the crown, the net of the ocean) is a participative science project dedicated to education, awareness raising and involvement of the general public in observation and protection of threatened marine species and ecosystems in French Polynesia, thanks to training sessions and appropriate tools.

Hei moana is the first structured participative science network dedicated to marine environment in French Polynesia!

This project, initiated in early 2017, was funded through a grant from BEST2.0 (voluntary scheme for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Territories of European overseas) financed by the European Union and coordinated by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

HEI MOANA’S KIT: Content – Downloading


What is participative science?

Participative sciences are precious tools of sensibilisation that allow non-specialists amateur to help for scientific studies.

Volunteer observant, more informed, would be able to alert immediately in case of emergency.

What goals for the project?

  • To create a network of 17 field referrers and more than 100 members of the teaching staff involved
  • Strengthen the knowledge of cultural and natural heritage
  • To impulse a change in future generation’s attitude by offering activity sessions in schools
  • To deploy the eco sentinel’s network in Polynesia through theme conferences.

Focus on 7 islands: Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Bora Bora, Raiatea and Rangiroa

How to become an eco sentinel?

To give every interested person skills and tools to get involve in the network, public meetings have been organized on the 7-targeted Island of the project.

Planning of the next formations:

  • Moorea: Saturday 7th October, at our office
  • Tahiti: Saturday 14t October, Arue
  • Huahine: Saturday 21st October
  • Bora Bora: Saturday 21st October
  • Raiatea: Saturday 28th and Monday 30th October
  • Rangiroa: Saturday 18th November
  • Taravao: Saturday 25th
  • Papeete: Saturday 2nd December
  • Punaauia: Thursday 14th December

Over the years, this network will be deployed on every Island in Polynesia… On each Island, 2 referents will be identified to maintain the good functionnning of the network locally and to train all person interested to get involve in the project.

A teaching package has been created specially for the project: included an informative booklet with methodological sheets, posters, a good behaviour charter, a flyer and stickers. All those supports are on free downloading at the end of this page. The teaching package will be given out to eco sentinels actively involved and to Hei moana’s referents on each Island.

Every person interested by this project is invited to follow a day of formation open to everyone. Those formations include an informative part on species and ecosystems and a field/practical part to be initiated to the tracking methods.

What are the key themes?

Marine turtles, marine mammals and coral reefs.

Teachers, member of the teaching staff, this project is also for you!

As part of Hei moana’s project, actions for students from 8th grade will be offer in all schools of the 7-targeted islands. The goal is to educate our future generations to the conservation of Polynesian sea’s emblematic species, allowing students to discover those marine species and necessity to protect them, and to teach them how they can help with easy tools.

If you are a teacher on Tahiti. Moorea, Huahine, Bora Bora, Raiatea or Rangiroa, contact us for a free action in your class.

If you like to participate to public meetings, starting on October 7th on the 7 islands, contact us: + 689 87 715 344 or by mail: temanaotemoana@mail.pf

Don’t forget that you can get involve at your level, by simples acts, but all together, it will help to take a big step…