te mana o te moana implements programs for the protection and monitoring of French Polynesian marine species (cetaceans, turtles, fish, rays, coral). In accordance with this mission, the association manages the Marine turtles Clinic, which is set up on the premises of the InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa.


The Sea Turtles Clinic

The Sea Turtles Clinic was created in February 2004 with the financial support of the Ministry for the Environment and is part of the sea turtles protection program of French Polynesia.
>> The Sea Turtles Clinic



Sea Turtles Observatory

To contribute to marine turtles conservation in French Polynesia, te mana o te moana has set up a Sea Turtles Observatory.
>> Sea Turtles Observatory




Coral Reefs

Lagoons truly are oasis of life in the deep-sea desert. Shelter for the prey, hideout for the hunter, nursery, food source, nesting area, coral meets many uses for the diverse and abundant life that relies on it. But it is also a very fragile environment. Te mana o te moana conducts scientific surveys on coral reefs.
>> Coral Reefs


Underwater Trails and Coral Gardens

Te mana o te moana implements coral transplantation techniques as a mean to restaure degraded natural environment, and creates underwater trails to raise awareness on coral reefs.
>> Coral Reefs



Cetaceans Observatory

Emerged land represents only 1% of French Polynesia’s surface… The 121 islands that compose our 5 archipelagos are surrounded by a huge ocean area full of life. Waters are of such high quality, it attracts numerous marine mammals that can very easily be observed in their natural environment.
>> Cetaceans Observatory


Sustainable tourism

The richness of Polynesian coral reefs makes them one of the main touristic attractions of the countriy. As long as they are well preserved… Te mana o te moana works with the tourism operators towards the preservation of the lagoon’s resources.
>> Promotion of sustainable tourism



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