Marine Mammals


The Delphineau récré program


Moorea Dolphin Center, in collaboration with te mana o te moana, have developped Delphineau Recre, an educational program to learn about the marine life diversity.


Delphineau Recre is an educational program focused on marine life diversity, marine ecosystems, marine fauna’s characteristics, its feeding habits and food chain, whales migrations.

The program uses a variety of educational tools, and the participants also spend some time observing the dolphins from the waters edge.

The program’s contents have been designed according to the national educational standards, and validated by the DEP (Department of Primary Schools) of French Polynesia.

The duration and contents of the program vary according to the level of the class (maximum 2h30 long).

The first part presents the “world of mammals”, and gives the opportunity to learn about the mammals characteristics. The children are taught that dolphins are mammals, and compare their characteristics with those of other mammals, such as humans.


The kids then get together in small groups of 4-6 to play various games and activities: a good way to learn more while having fun.


The educator then talks about protection of environment, and takes everybody to the Dolphin area for a visit. The children get introduced to the dolphins.



For any inquiry or booking about Delphineau Récré, please contact:
Vie Jourdan – Education Officer, Te mana o te moana
Tel: 56.40.11 – temanaotemoana@mail.pf



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