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Te mana o te moana’s welcomes 2 to 4 times per week, schools, centers… for educational programs on Moorea. In order make aware the far away schools, or to educate chilren and habitants that are not coming on Moorea, we regulary create educational ressources based on cetaceans, sea turtles, coral reefs an substainalble development that are diffused for free, thanks to our partners.


Book exhibition… for teachers

Every year, te mana o te moana organises a Book exhibition on the island of Moorea, in partnership with the Department for Primary Education of Moorea, on the initiative of Patrick Albert, Moorea’s Education Advisor.

This event  welcomes the teachers from Moorea’s primary schools, and offers them the opportunity to have a look at the educational resources available for them to raise children awareness about marine environment. Even more, Teachers can come whenever they want during the school year to borrow books from the LIbrary created by Te mana o te moana (more than 300 books collected).

2010, March 19th – Book exhibition


The Honu chest,
a special toolkit on sea turtles

Launched in September 2009, the Honu toolkit gathers more than 30 educational tools on sea turtles (books, educational games, posters, DVD and other educational resources), a teacher guidebook composed of scientific and educational parts, and an exercise book. The objective is to give teachers all necessary tools to study sea turtles with their students.

The Honu toolkit is is available, for free, to all schools of French Polynesia, and is also distributed on a DVD to all French overseas territories and English-speaking countries of the Pacific.

>> For more information, read about the Honu toolkit here.


The “Heritage océan” toolkit


The Heritage ocean toolkit has been realized thanks to the support of the The Pew Charitable Trust. It’s as part of the educational project held in 2014-2015 school year to raise awareness of the students form the Austral Islands, Tahiti and Moorea about the necessity to preserve our oceans and the needs to set up conservation plans such as marines areas or Rahui… As part of this program that gathered more than 1 200 students, a toolkit was created to give to teachers all the informations they need to know about the oceans…

Download the tools (only in French version) : 

– Information brochure on the Project “héritage océan”

– Teacher guide “Protégeons les océans” – partie 1

– Teacher Guide  “Protégeons les océans” – partie 2

– Game board  “Investigations in Austral Islands”

– 4 Posters on the benefits of the Marine Plans  and the two productions of the winner classrooms from the contest.

“Sea Turtles – Our Ocean Ambassadors”

Te mana o te moana translated and sponsored production of the French version of the DVD “Sea Turtles – Our Ocean Ambassadors” produced by IOSEA (Indian Ocean – South-East Asian Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding) to raise public awareness on sea turtles’ protection.

The DVD consists of two segments. A four-minute video gives an overview of the threats to sea turtles, as well as practical measures that can be taken to reduce those threats.  It is intended to inform audiences who require detailed information about the nature of the problems facing turtles, as well as things that they might do to be part of the solution. An abbreviated one-minute video touches on these same themes, but in a more concise format that is suited for use as a Public Service Announcement on television.

With a financial support from te mana o te moana, the French language version of the DVD was produced by IOSEA in 500 copies in 2008, and distributed in French Polynesia and other francophone countries around the Indian Ocean.



4 posters
“Sea turtles and Climate Change”

As part of a Conservation and Education project, te mana o te moana has realized a synthesis on Climate changes and Sea turtles. Thanks to the financial support of IFRECOR (French Initiative for Corals Reefs), 4 posters were created in order to educate chidlren about the necessity of protecting our marine biodiversity.

Posters were offered for free to schools and local public during many environmental events or educational programs.


>> Download the posters :



Coral reefs toolkit
“Sustainable Reefs”

Sustainable Reefs is a global education and awareness building initiative for coastal and island nations owning coral reefs in peril.

Sustainable Reefs includes culturally appropriate, multi-media educational resources: a video, cartoon book, and accompanying educational resources for teachers and students.  The video, Sustainable Reefs: A Gift for the Future, and cartoon book, Treasure on the Reef, have been produced in French. Introducing the video is a “local hero” (Hira Terinatoofa), a competition surfer well known by every young person in French Polynesia.

The accompanying educational resources have been produced by Ocean Futures Society and Te Mana O Te Moana (Spirit of the Ocean). These resources include an introduction to reef ecology by Jean-Michel Cousteau, synopses of the video and cartoon book, information on how the Sustainable Reefs program relates to the French Polynesian Science Curriculum (contained in a teachers guide), games and activities on coral reefs, a coral reef curriculum for primary grades (Exploring the Ocean and Coral Reef Ecosystem), a reef advocacy Power Point program for students to modify for their own outreach programs, 100 things one can do to protect reefs, and additional resources about pollution, fisheries, turtles, a pledge to protect reefs, and additional resources about pollution, fisheries, turtles, the World Ocean Passport – Citizen of the Ocean, a pledge to protect reefs and lagoons and web based educational resources on coral reefs.

>>  For more information, read about “Sustainable Reefs” here.




for the protection of coral reefs

>> Download the Charte de Protection du lagon et des récifs coralliens






practical guides

In order to help the tourism operators in French Polynesia to be “eco friendly”, te mana o te moana has published two practical guides, targeting any person willing to act or learn more about the “eco-environement” way and about sustainable marine-based activities in French Polynesia.

These guides were published thanks to the financial support of the CRISP (Coral Reef Initiative for the South Pacific).


>> Download the guide Mon hotel devient durable (in French)



>> Download the Guide pratique des gestes éco-responsables pour le tourisme nautique et la protection du milieu marin en Polynésie française (in French)








A practical guide
on pink whiprays

This guide broaches various subjects: anatomy, genetics and the impact of ray feeding on their natural behavior. Popularizing the scientific results of Cécile Gaspar’s research, this guide will help tourist operators involved in ray feeding to become educators and to take part in conservation of this species.

This guide addresses any person willing to learn more on this fascinating animal.

>> Download the Guide on pink whiprays (in French)




Coloring book
on sea turtles

The coloring book on sea turtles created by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in Hawaii, has been translated into French by te mana o te moana.

It is now available in Tahitian language as well.


>> Download the Coloring book on sea turtles FR – ENG
>> Download the Coloring book on sea turtles TAHITIAN


Cartoon book
“Our planet under water”

Tuvalu is the first country impacted by climate change and sea level rise. This cartoon book, raising awareness on climate change, was produced by Alofa Tuvalu with the support of ADEME (agency for energy and environment). It has been published in Tahitian language by te mana o te moana with a support of IFRECOR (the French Coral Reef Initiative). This is the tenth version of the cartoon book which has been already published in French, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Tamil, Tuvaluan, Portuguese, Dutch, and German.




A teachers’ book
on coral reefs

The booklet on Coral Reefs is an education and awareness-building initiative for French overseas territories, most of which see their coral reefs in peril, and targets teachers of the 14-15 years old students.
Its content is adapted to the French overseas territories and includes various tools and exercises.

>> For more information, read about the Book on Coral reefs here.

Download the Book on coral Reefs (in French):



Tools for
whale watching

For the information of local residents, tourists and professionnals, te mana o te moana has issued various tools, available to all persons or private societies wishing to contribute to cetaceans’ protection and to the Cetaceans Observatory.


>> Download the Guide for observing dolphins and whales in FP – Part 1
>> Download the Guide for observing dolphins and whales in FP – Part 2
>> Download the SUBMERSIBLE IDENTIFICATION CARDS for the most frequent 16 species of cetaceans in French Polynesia (in English and French)


 Apage couvA booklet on Cetacean Conservation for Children :

Tohora, humpback whale who are you?”.

In the following of the Cetaceans Observatory held in 2012, the foundation created an educational booklet, created and printed into 12 000 copies thanks to the support of the TOTAL Company. Diffused for free to all 9-11 years old school level (11 000 students) – more than 28 animations were prodived into schools of Tahiti and Moorea. A big contest were organized for school too.

>> Click here to get more information about the project :
>> Click here to get more information about the Contest :
>> Download the Tohora, humpback whale who are you? (in French Version)
>> Download the Tohora, humpback whale who are you? (in English version)


couv USA Booklet on …

Sea turtles of French Polynesia…..

In partenrship with the “Aquarium de la Rochelle” and thanks to the support of the AFD (French Development Agency) and the SWOT (State of the World’s Sea Turtles), the foundation created a booklet for both adults and children in order to make the population aware about the huge necessity to protect the sea turtles in French Polynesia. In total 3 000 booklet were created in bothe French and English. This booklet was inaugurated during the World Oceans Day and Environment days.

>> Click here to download the “Booklet on Sea Turtles of French Polynesia”
>> See the news related to the inauguration of the tool.

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