Trainings and Conferences


Te mana o te moana organises trainings on marine environment and marine species, addressing various publics such as teachers, students or diving instructors, and also delivers public conferences on those themes.


For each demand and each case, a specific content is prepared in order to respond in the most adequate manner to the public’s expectations.

This is made possible due to the complementary skills and specialities available within the team: educators, marine biologists, scientists, veterinarians and divers. This enables us to answer any kind of demand in our field of activity. Some trainings have been so successful in the past that they are now planned every year.


For any demand about training or conferences, please contact us!



Trainings for students


These trainings are organised in partnership with the University of French Polynesia.

Te mana o te moana is in charge of the specific training part focusing on  “Marine environment” within the  University Diploma (DU) course: “Touristic and Cultural Guide in Polynesia”, and is also in charge of the entire content of the course “Initiation to ecoresponsibility”.

>> Curriculum of the University Diploma – “Touristic and cultural guide in Polynesia”

>> Curriculum of the training: “Initiation to ecoresponsibility”


Trainings for nautic activities and tourism operators


These trainings sessions, focusing on marine environment, lagoon ecosystem and sustainable development, are organised usually in partnership with the Polynesian Youth and Sports Department, and are delivered to persons preparing:

  • the Diving Instructor official diploma (Brevet d’Etat)
  • the Va’a Instructor (Polynesian outrigger canoe) official diploma (Brevet d’Etat)

Trainings can also be of different sort, such as: workshops with the lagoon’s tourism operators on endangered marine species and marine ecosystem, training on sustainable development for hotel’s staff (in hotels working towards ecological certification), etc…

2010, March 29th and 30th – 2 training days for tourism operators


Teachers’ Seminars


Each year, seminars are organized in partnership with the Ministry of Education, in order to provide teachers from primary schools with all information needed in order to develop a school project related to “sustainable development”.

During a half-day of training, the teachers learn about te mana o te moana’s educational programs, and experiment the educational tools (games, booklets, posters, etc), carefully adapted to the local context. A presentation of the marine biodiversity of French Polynesia (corals, marine mammals and sea turtles) is delivered to them, as well as a visit of the Sea Turtles Clinic.

2010, November 19th Teachers into Sea turtles school for one day
2010, May 17th and 18th – Seminar of Biodiversity held by the Education Ministry





To enable a better knowledge of marine environment and marine species by the population, te mana o te moana delivers public conferences on marine related themes (marine species, protection of environment, etc.).

Te mana o te moana also organises public conferences for the passengers aboard the cruising ship Paul Gauguin.


2012, May 24th – Argonautica 2012 meeting
2012, May 10th – A conference on space aboard the Paul Gauguin
2011, December 5th – Conference on Biodiversity and Development
2010, November 17th – UICN Overseas Group meeting held in Paris
2010, November 15th-17th – 2nd National conference on Protected Marine Areas held in La Rochelle, France
2010, October 26th and 27th – First International Conference on sea turtles in French Polynesia
2010, June 1st to 7th – First International Conference on Manta rays held in Tahiti and Bora Bora
2010, May, 10th to 12th – Seminar on biodiversity held in Chamonix
2010, May 9th-12th – The fourth meeting of the World Ocean Network was held in Boulogne sur mer, France
2010, May 4th – Seminar on Biodiversity : the words to convince in Paris
2010, May 3rd to 7th – The Global Forum on Oceans organized by Unesco in Paris
2010, January 19th – IUCN Congress of overseas territories
2010, January 17th – International diving show in Paris
2009, December – te mana o te moana at the world climate summit at Copenhaguen


From 2006 to 2009:
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