Contest to celebrate the “Mata ora no Tetiaroa” educational project…

This year, we initiated an educational project called « Mata ora no Tetiaroa », which aims the local children to discover the Polynesian wealth, culture and renewable energies of the atoll (islet) of Tetiaroa. This project was conducted throughout the school year with children aged from 9-15 years old, and a contest was organized for the school classes.

The students, accompagnied by their teachers had to study a theme of their choice to develop a creation. Currently,  14 school classes from Moorea and Tahiti (250 kids) are participating to the project. The winners will go on a full day on Tetiaroa to discover the place.
To enhance the creations and thematic studied, a jury will meet on June 2nd.
Many thanks to Mr Bailey, the Hotel The Brando and Tetiaroa Society that allowed us to set up this beautiful project.


Let’s celebrate the World Turtle Day !

On May 23rd , we celebrate the 17th annual World Turtle Day, sponsored yearly since 2000 by the non-profit organization American Tortoise Rescue. The day was created as an annual observance to help people celebrate and protect turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats around the world.

A great opportunity to relay the information and remind you of our commitment to sea turtles and the protection of our marine environment.

Every year since 2007, our organization, state approved by the Ministry for the Environment in French Polynesia, ensures a field monitoring during the entire nesting season on Tetiaroa.

This year is an awesome season for the nesting of green sea turtles on the atoll of Tetiaroa!! Number of tracks and nests counted have already outnumbered the ones from previous years.

601 crawls have been observed by our team (a female can lay eggs several times in one season) and more than 24,000 baby turtles were born.

32 babies found at the end of a nest were rescued by our volunteers and brought back to the sea turtle care center. Thanks to Tetiaroa Society and The Brando for their support.

To this day, we have welcomed 490 sea turtles and successfully released 206 into the wild. Thanks to our educational programs and our participation in environmental events, we raised awareness of more than  75 000 kids.

Bertand and Christophe, 2nd winners of “Defi des foulées”

Last week, we were happy to welcome Bertrand and Christophe, the 2nd winners of “Défi des foulées” organized by the Nature & Découverte Foundation.

After running for the good cause, Bertrand, manager of the toy department at Nature & Decouverte, had the chance of being the lucky winner of the draw among many other participating employees. He won a trip to Moorea for two people and spent a few days at the sea turtle care center with his husband, Christophe.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of over 15.300 participants, €30.000 were donated to our association. With this funding, we continued our nesting monitoring program on the atoll of Tetiaroa. We also improved the functioning of the sea turtle care center and we are now equipped with new nurseries and equipment, which helped to care for 35 baby turtles. Finally, we raised awareness of more than 350 kids through a series of workshops and events.

To discover the summary of the 2016 experience, go on: http://ledefidesfoulees.com/en/fondation


Awareness of the good management of the PGEM

This year, we launched a pedagogical project entitled “Awareness of the good management of the PGEM “, intended for pupils between 9-11 years of Moorea schools.

Thanks to financial support from the municipality of Moorea-Maiao and in partnership with the PGEM association, Te Mana o Te moana allowed 6 classes to come on 3 mornings to raise awareness on the need for conservation plans. The children visited our underwater trail to learn more about the role of each species in its environment. Its was also an opportunity to become aware of the importance of preserving the marine environment.

Then, they participated in educational workshops that enabled them to understand the  PGEM through a board game created by the association upon request of the  Ministry of Fisheries. Finally, they visited our sea turtle care center.

Celebrate the 12th annual international Endangered Species Day

On the 5th may, we celebrated the world endangered species day, in the company of  two classes of children aged from 9-11 years old.

Started in 2006 by the United States Congress, this event is a celebration of the nation’s wildlife and wild places. It’s also an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about the importance of protecting endangered species.

After a part in our educational room animated by Vie, all the pupils had the chance to participate in 4 workshops. With Magali and Maui, they started to visit our underwater trail to learn more about the role of each species in her environment. Thanks to Amélie, all the kids then discovered our sea turtles care center and its animals. They subsequently participated in educational games that enabled them to better understand the PGEM (Protected Marie Areas) of Moorea, including the need to protect endangered species.

Finally, our new intern Esperance animated a land art workshop on the beach, for the pleasure of kids.

A very beautiful morning of awareness !