Discover MObI, an application created by WWF-France to enumerate marine mammals in a few clicks with your smartphone, anywhere you are in French Polynesia. The data collected make it possible to better understand the size of populations, their evolution, their landmarks, and thus better protect them! For more information and to download the free application, please visit: www.mobi.nc

Two new collaborations for more actions for the marine species conservation : Vaiarii & Laëtitia !

The whole team is very happy to welcome Vaiarii, who recently joined us as Project Manager.
Originally from Moorea, this young animal and environment enthusiast, has carried out studies of biology and ecology in Bordeaux.
In love with her island, she wished to join the association Te mana o te moana in order to work actively for the protection of marine species and the preservation of her Fenua. She is participating in the development of the “Hei moana” eco-sentinel network, initiated this year to better understand marine resources and involve the population in participatory sciences.


After several visits to French Polynesia, Laëtitia decided to come and settle in Tahiti, fascinated by the richness of our marine resources. As an environmental engineer, she is aware of the threat that men pose to the environment. She worked in the field of waste treatment before. She joined our team to participate in education, research and conservation actions such as the Reef Check and Reef Check Junior coral reef monitoring project and the Polynesian school cuttings of coral.

O Te Vai

O Te Vai is a Polynesian creator of jewels made from mother-of-pearl, pearl, burgot etc.

The creator is very grateful for what we do for the turtles and decided to give us a discount on the purchase of mother-of-pearl. Indeed, our volunteer Brigitte makes us beautiful keychains with the effigy of the turttles and made of mother-of-pearl bought at O Te Vai.

We are thankful for their support towards the care center through the creation of small nacres, that everyone can find by purchasing the keychains sold at Te mana o te moana.

“A garden under the sea”

Alexis Rosenfeld is a professional photographer who helps us to illustrate our educational creations thanks to his beautiful photos.
In Partnership with Alexis Valois, he has produced a report on the incredible history of the Gamberini family that develops what may be tomorrow’s Agriculture.
You can find “A garden under the sea” in the last issue of VSD magazine.

Find the complete publication on the page of Divergence Images.

Papehau, winner of the Manareva contest, on trip to France

Wink at Papehau, winner of the Manareva contest organized by our association last year. As a first prize, her tale, “The Vow of Mana”, had been read from space by Thomas Pesquet a few months ago, and a trip to France was offered to her by Air Tahiti Nui, partner of our association . She was able to visit our sponsor Jean-François Clervoy, ESA astronaut – European Space Agency.

The opportunity to remind you that you can support our association by purchasing the book “History of the Space Conquest”, co written by our godfather Jean-François Clervoy and Frank Lehot, to help us continue to work in the education of our future generations and the preservation of our ocean!

For more information about the Manareva Contest, click here.