Amazing, welcoming of an olive ridley sea turtle…

For this new year, exceptional arrival of Matau, a male olive ridley turtle ! This specie is more rarely observed in French Polynesia than the other species, since it is much more common off the coast than in lagoons. This turtle was found by a fisherman from Moorea off Tetiaroa, floating with an old hook stuck in its jaw.

We managed to remove this hook and named the sea turtle Matau, which means hook in Tahitian, in memory of its mishap. Matau is still floating and alternates phases in our care room and in a nursery of our rehabilitation lagoon, but it feels better and better and eats with appetite, so that we hope we can release it soon.

Merry Christmas and all our best wishes for 2018…

The conference of Jean-Baptiste SENEGAS was a success

Thanks to the support of Air Tahiti Nui , yesterday was the conference of Jean-Baptiste Senegas, director of the turtle care centre in the Mediterranean sea. The CRIOBE Library was full. After presenting us with the characteristics of the logger head turtle, the most widespread species in the Mediterranean Sea, Jean-Baptiste developed the project of sniffer dogs for turtle tracking and the use of turtles as bio-indicators.

Before Christmas holidays, our educators continue to raise awareness

Before Christmas, our teams won’t stop!!

As part of the waste reduction week, our educators have been invited by the middle school of Arue to host a morning conference on the protection of the marine environment. They have offered to the 70 students from 13 to 15 years old how to get involved in the hei moana network and participate in a simple way to gather information on marine turtles from polynesia through the photo-identification technique ….

It is then the turn of the middle school of Pomare to receive our leaders for training sessions at the Hei Moana Sentinel project. As a result, 891 students were able to learn and understand how to protect marine species from French Polynesia…

Then our teachers went to high school to train teachers and volunteer students in the marine world. The teachers thus became ” referrals ” of the ” Hei moana ” project, and finally our tour ended with a training of teachers in the district of Papeete after the teachers of the middle school of Tevai i Uta…

Students are motivated to participate in Reef Check Junior training. From all very different backgrounds, this would allow to collect data on many areas of the island of Tahiti regarding the state of the reef health.

To date, there are more than 7 257 people (students, teachers and residents) who participated in the Hei moana training and who have learned and understood the need to conserve our marine environment, for the well-being of the future generations.

Our interventions in the Tuamotu Islands

After the Society Islands, the association’s team visited the island of Rangiroa in order to continue its awareness-raising activities. It is 5 new eco-sentinels that were formed during the public day organised on Saturday 18 November at the premises of the town hall of Avatoru.
With the support of the municipalities, public training helps to raise awareness among adults about the protection of the marine environment and to train focal points which will then take over the transmission of information and the collection of data on the Polynesian Marine world.
With regard to schools, 10 classes and 213 pupils were sensitized. Interventions took place over 4 days thanks to the involvement and active participation of teachers and principals who supported the project. Our Marine Biologist, Alice, has conducted intervention sessions from one to two hours to inform and involve children and teachers in the conservation of Marine Turtles, Marine mammals and coral reefs and to a better knowledge of them through collection of informations.
The following week, the Rangiroa College celebrated the feast of science during which Te mana o te moana was present. Once again this year, our association has focused its message on the need to preserve the marine environment and the life it houses thanks to numerous games, booklets, posters, etc. The technique of photo identification of sea turtles was therefore honored once again … a way to identify sea turtles that fascinates children and adults.
More than 300 students have been sensitized during this day.