Arrival of Myriam, a hawksbill turtle rescued in Papeete

On the 12th of March, our rehabilitation center welcomed a new turtle.

Myriam, a young hawksbill turtle of around 60cm, was found floating near a harbor in Tahiti. Olivier, Myriam, Christine and JP, fishermen who spotted her floating and were worried about her inactivity, decided to take her aboard to look for help.

Myriam was then welcomed by Jade and Fred at a diving center called Eleuthera – Tahiti, where she was installed in a big pool in the shade during the wait of a boat for Moorea. It is then Vanina, a volunteer, who took in charge her transport to the boat, and then the company Terevau allowed her crew to take the turtle onboard for free for her transfer to Moorea. At her arrival, our volunteers Cécile and Eliane welcomed the turtle and brought her to the sea turtle rehabilitation center. The entire line of people who helped her reach the rehabilitation center were a beautiful example of solidarity and reactivity.

During the clinical examination of Myriam with our veterinarian and president Cécile Gaspar at her arrival, we discovered a hole caused by a spear gun on Myriam’s neck. Although it had already healed, it was clearly a poaching attempt that had caused her very bad health and that probably explained her difficulty to breath.

Unfortunately, despite the good spirit that had gone along with Myriam during her rescue and with all the cares that were put for her during her time at the by our team under the supervision of our veterinarian Cécile Gaspar, Myriam died on the 17th of March 2017.

During the necropsy, we found a hook followed by about 40cm of fishing line in its intestine.

This sad story provides an opportunity  to remind fishermen that when your hook gets caught in coral, try to unhook it without cutting the line. This small act will prevent marine animals, including hawksbill turtles which feed on sponges and nibble on coral, to  swallow it by mistake.


Visit of Kamehameha School from Honolulu to Moorea

At the beginning of March, we were very happy to meet a class of Hawaiian students from Kamehameha school, Honolulu. They were coming back from Rapa Nui where they welcomed a famous traditional canoe called Hokule’a, and were lucky to have to time during their transit in Tahiti. They decided to use this time to share their culture and passion for nature, and to meet local communities.   

First, Alice, our marine biologist, welcomed students at the organisation for a program on polynesian marine wildlife and learned about the richness of polynesian biodiversity.
Then, students went to a local highschool for a traditional performance with songs and dances. It was a beautiful moments of sharing.

Participation to Alternatiba Tahiti’s event

On the 10th and 11th of March, our organisation participated to Alternatiba’s event. Alternatiba is a french movement in which people try to find solutions to actual environmental issues.

During these days, many conferences were organised and booths were presented by organisations which cared about the environment. The objective was to discover alternatives and new lifestyles in favor of the environment, for our Fenu. Our organization was set up in the « Marine environment » quarters. On the first day, Amélie, our intern in communication and education, along with our volunteers Brigitte and Vanina, animated the booth on the first day, and Alice animated the stand on the second day. The visitors learnt about our organisation and our commitment. Pedagogical workshops were proposed to the young ones (and also to older ones), to spend a good family moment.

Participation to a day of celebration for the finalistes of an eco quizz organized by Fedescol

On Tuesday the 7th of March, Amélie, our intern in animation and communication, and Tom, our volunteer, participated to a big day for the finalists of an ecoquizz organized by Fedescol and a non profit organisation called Colibris Tahiti. This quizz, intended to schools that were engaged in a procedure of labelling for eco responsible schools, allowed all students from 1st and 2nd grade to compete online and to measure their knowledge about sustainable development.

This festive and recreative day at the Motu Ovini awarded the students from every schools that had obtained the best results, and also the schools that had been the most implicated, and all the participating schools. 

All in all, 290 kids and 36 schools from entire French Polynesia where present at the event. Our team was mobilized to exchange with kids about our actions and our aims. Two workshops (game boards) were animated by our team and allowed the students to learn more about the marine environment.

Today in French Polynesia, 51 schools have been engaged in the Eco-school movement !

A message from Thomas Pesquet, in live from the International Space Station

“Seing from space how the ocean plays a vital role in supporting life on our planet, i am happy to support conservation, research and education efforts from the organization “Te mana o te Moana”, based in Moorea in French Polynesia, wich I hope I will be able to visit shortly. Congratulations to Papehau for her first place with the tale “Mana’s wish” wich came along with me for this mission at the International Space Station”

This message was sentto us by Thomas Pesquet after he read “Mana’s wish”, written by Papehau Seveno, in live from the International Space Station for the mission Proxima, the 10th of March 2017. 


As a reminder, in 2016, Temana o te Moana launched a Gret tale production contest with sea turtle protection and the ocean for theme.The winning production has become a spacial tale, as it was brought along into space to be read by the astronaut Thomas Pesquet, from the European Space Agency (ESA) inside the International Space Station. Thomas pesquet flew to the international Space Sation for a 6 months mission called Proxima. He was the 10th french astronaut to fly into space. He is participating in the Expedition 50, a mission undertaken by the European Spacial Agency, which started in november 2016 and ended in may 2017. During this time, he accepted to support Te mana o te moana’s project by taking along with him a polynesian message of hope… a tale called “Mana’s wish”… so that the slogan “from Ocean to Space, let’s preserve our blue planet” sound in our heads !


  Do not wait to rediscover the winning tale “Le voeu de Mana”