A message from Thomas Pesquet, in live from the International Space Station

“Seing from space how the ocean plays a vital role in supporting life on our planet, i am happy to support conservation, research and education efforts from the organization “Te mana o te Moana”, based in Moorea in French Polynesia, wich I hope I will be able to visit shortly. Congratulations to Papehau for her first place with the tale “Mana’s wish” wich came along with me for this mission at the International Space Station”

This message was sentto us by Thomas Pesquet after he read “Mana’s wish”, written by Papehau Seveno, in live from the International Space Station for the mission Proxima, the 10th of March 2017. 

As a reminder, in 2016, Temana o te Moana launched a Gret tale production contest with sea turtle protection and the ocean for theme.The winning production has become a spacial tale, as it was brought along into space to be read by the astronaut Thomas Pesquet, from the European Space Agency (ESA) inside the International Space Station. Thomas pesquet flew to the international Space Sation for a 6 months mission called Proxima. He was the 10th french astronaut to fly into space. He is participating in the Expedition 50, a mission undertaken by the European Spacial Agency, which started in november 2016 and ended in may 2017. During this time, he accepted to support Te mana o te moana’s project by taking along with him a polynesian message of hope… a tale called “Mana’s wish”… so that the slogan “from Ocean to Space, let’s preserve our blue planet” sound in our heads !


  Do not wait to rediscover the winning tale “Le voeu de Mana”

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