Contest to celebrate the “Mata ora no Tetiaroa” educational project…

This year, we initiated an educational project called « Mata ora no Tetiaroa », which aims the local children to discover the Polynesian wealth, culture and renewable energies of the atoll (islet) of Tetiaroa. This project was conducted throughout the school year with children aged from 9-15 years old, and a contest was organized for the school classes.

The students, accompagnied by their teachers had to study a theme of their choice to develop a creation. Currently,  14 school classes from Moorea and Tahiti (250 kids) are participating to the project. The winners will go on a full day on Tetiaroa to discover the place.
To enhance the creations and thematic studied, a jury will meet on June 2nd.
Many thanks to Mr Bailey, the Hotel The Brando and Tetiaroa Society that allowed us to set up this beautiful project.


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