Papehau, winner of the Manareva contest, on trip to France

Wink at Papehau, winner of the Manareva contest organized by our association last year. As a first prize, her tale, “The Vow of Mana”, had been read from space by Thomas Pesquet a few months ago, and a trip to France was offered to her by Air Tahiti Nui, partner of our association . She was able to visit our sponsor Jean-François Clervoy, ESA astronaut – European Space Agency.

The opportunity to remind you that you can support our association by purchasing the book “History of the Space Conquest”, co written by our godfather Jean-François Clervoy and Frank Lehot, to help us continue to work in the education of our future generations and the preservation of our ocean!

For more information about the Manareva Contest, click here.

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