Te mana o te moana, in partnership with other associations and universities, is involved in studies and research projects pertaining to the Polynesian marine fauna and flora and island ecosystems.


Sea turtles nests monitoring

Since 2004, te mana o te moana has implemented a program for the monitoring of turtle’s nests on Tetiaroa (an atoll nearby Tahiti), according to the wish of the island’s owners.
>> Sea Turtles’ nests monitoring



Sea turtles

To improve scientific knowledge of sea turtles present in Polynesian waters, te mana o te moana regularly proceeds to various research projects, as well as satellite tagging of marine turtles.
>> Sea Turtles



Coral reefs

Te mana o te moana contributes to research studies and scientific monitorings on coral reefs and on the lagoon ecosystem.
>> Coral reefs




Fishes and rays

Te mana o te moana studies various marine species in the lagoon, especially Pink whiprays. These fishes are used to be fed at feeding spots for tourism purpose.
>> Fishes and rays



Marine mammals

In French Polynesia, whales and dolphins enjoy a remarkably preserved environment where human activities remain low, making it a great research area for cetacean scientific studies.
>>Marine mammals



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