Coral Reefs research


Te mana o te moana does some assessment studies of coral reef’s health, and human activities’ impact on coral reefs.


Study of fish population
within Moorea’s Marine Protected Areas


In order to measure the impact on biodiversity of the creation of Marine Protected Areas in Moorea, a monitoring is regulary made by scientists of the CRIOBE (Research Center and Environmental Observatory).

The biologists check several parameters, such as the wealth coral colonies, the abundance of fish or the abundance of invertebrates of commercial interest (such as giant clams).
Since the beginning of 2010, te mana o te moana have joined the CRIOBE and the Mooreas’city hall to contribute to this on-going and crucial monitoring, especialy for the monitoring campaigns at sea.

Matthieu Petit, marine Biologist of Te mana o te moana, has collaborated to the inventory of all biodiversity and fishes abundance found in these areas.




Assessment study on the impact of moorings
within Moorea’s Marine Protected Areas


(in partnership with the Fisheries Department)






Participation to the Reef Check International Network and in  charge of the Reef Check French Polynesian


network since 2015

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