Science Fair 2015

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Science Festival is a national event organized in metropolitan France and conveyed in the French overseas departments.

This 24th edition, organized by the Association for the protection of the Polynesian marine environment, “Te Mana o Te Moana” in collaboration with the French Polynesian government, deals with:

Ecosystem services in French Polynesia: What is the purpose of the nature?”

Through this topic, The Science Festival for the upholding of the economic activity and the populations’ well being will highlight the importance of the global biodiversity’s conservation and the ecosystem functioning.abeille pollinisationWEB

From October 7th to 10th, 2015, different events will take place for the general public and students in French Polynesia: lectures, photograph exhibitions, programs for teenagers (15 to 17 y.o), Research Centres’ open-days and finally, giant-size projection.


The Events in detail :

Wednesday October 07th, 2015

  • Forenoon: Opening ceremony with official people and the medias. Local experts and scientists hold different programs in secondary schools.

INAUGURATION WEBThis first day of the Science Festival celebration on the theme: ” Ecosystem services in French Polynesia: what is the purpose of the nature” allowed to gather almost 400 people (350 students and 50 general public).

During the forenoon, at the Paul Gaughin High School, 350 students from 15 to 17 years old, attended the simultaneous programs from 6 lecturers, experts in their own sector:MARC TAQUET IRD LYCEE GAUGUIN

Benjamin de Clume (apiculteur), Jean Kape (Best – Tamariki Te-Puka-Maruia – Te Reo o te Tuamotu), Elodie Martinez (IRD), Gilles Tehau Parzy (Eden Park Bio Stratégies), Antoine Poteau (IRD), Philippe Raust (SOP MANU), Régis Plicahrt (ProScience) et Taivini Teai (UPF).

We would like to thank Mr Besse, Principal of the College for his welcoming regarding this celebration of the Science Fair. WEB GROUPE GAUGUIN

From the left to the right : Mr Eric Besse (Principal of the Lycée Paul Gauguin), Antoine Poteau (IRD), Magali Soria (te mana o te moana), Benjamin de Clume (Apiculteur), Vie Stabile (te mana o te moana), Taivini Teia (UPF), Elodie Martinez (IRD), Marc Taquet (IRD) et Elena Gorchakova (te mana o te moana).


During the afternoon, a Photographs Exhibitions on the following themes: “Sustainable development” and ” The Biodiversity” by the Foundation Good Planet, presided by Yann Arthus Bertrand was provide at the Petit théâtre de la Maison de la Culture.

The second exhibition was the one of the French Development Agency (AFD) called “The 34 wonders of the World”.

  • In the evening, the cycle of conferences started at 5pm at the Petit Théatre de la Maison de la Culture. The topical lectures concerned the “Ecosystem services in French Polynesia: What is the purpose of the nature?”

During more than 2 hours, local scientists and experts will underline what we, “humans”, benefit from the ecosystems and the importance of conserving them for the Earth inhabitants’ future. “Our well being, our health and our economy strictly depend on the quality of the ecosystems, that we mostly enjoy for free”.

The contributors:
Dr. Serge Planes, Directeur de Recherche CNRS et Directeur du CRIOBE Moorea – Centre de Recherches Insulaires et Observatoire de l’Environnement, Dr. Marc Taquet, Directeur de l’IRD – Institut de Recherche pour le Développement en Polynésie française, Dr. Pierre Sasal, Chercheur au CRIOBE Moorea – Centre de Recherches Insulaires et Observatoire de l’Environnement, Jean-Michel Borie, Chef du département FOGER – Service du Développement Rural, Dr Jean-Yves Meyer, Délégué à la Recherche de Polynésie française, Philippe Raust, Président de la Société d’Ornithologie de Polynésie française Manu, Dr. Hervé Bossin, Entomologiste médical à l’Institut Louis Malardé (ILM) en Polynésie française, Jean Kape, Président de l’association « Tamariki Te-Puka-Maruia », de « Te Reo o te Tuamotu » et Coordinateur du projet BEST.

<< Discover the Lectures Program here: Cycle de conférences

<< Download the Press Pack here: Dossier de Presse

Thursday October 8th:

  • On the island of Moorea: Open day at the Centre for Island Research and Environment Observatory (CRIOBE): Guided tour for students.DSC_0059

The school children from both of the College from Moorea and the agricultural school visited the center of research (marina, laboratories, site…),  Visite du centre de recherche (site, marina, laboratoires), participated to cutting workshop, aquariums, and artistic network by Charlotte Moritz, Laetitia Hédouin, Marc Besson, Christine Sidobre, Véronique Berteaux-Lecellier, Isis Guibert, Vetea Liao, Yannick Chancerelle, Agathe Chatak, and Ricardo Beldade.DSC_0054

In total, more than 90 students of Moorea were welcomed by the research scientists from the  CRIOBE ….

  • On the island of Tahiti: Programs performed in secondary schools by local experts and scientists.

DSC_1382Educational activities at the “Lycée” of Papara by Thierry Zysman (Author and Photographer) and by Faimano Boulet (Direction for the Environment in French Polynesia) with teenagers of 16-17 years old.

Guided tour at the Recycling and Transfer Centre of Motu Uta with Moana from Fenua Ma by the teenagers from the Hitia College (14-15 years old).

Visit of the “Polynésienne des Eaux“, Water and Sanitation Centre by the teenagers of the Lycée Professionnel from Faa’a.

A day that gathered more than  330 teenagers from 14-17 years old from Tahiti and Moorea.

Friday October 9th:

  • On the island of Tahiti – all day long – Programs performed in secondary schools by local experts and scientists; “open door day” at the IRD (Institute for the Research and the Dévelopment) and visit of the CRT from Fenua Ma:
  • fdlsThe IRD (Institute for the Research and the Dévelopment) organised a “open door” day after the school-children. Studend of the College from Paea and 2 College from Moorea (Afareaitu and Paopao) went to the scientific center to discover the variety of exepriences held by the IRD and its motivated scientists. From thecomposting to the  phytoplankton, teenagers discovered through the experiences the importance of our polynesian nature. A day that permits to gather more than 90 students.

WEB IMG_20151008_143354

In the afternoon, the eco-delegates from the  Collège of Paopao went to the CRT of Motu Uta to better understand the sorting and compacting from the trash thanks to Mr Moana… For the eco-delegates from Moorea, this visit of the center was the first one.

On Tahiti: Programs performed in secondary schools by local experts and scientists.

WEB DSC_0360Delivering programs with the teenagers from 15-17 years old from theLycée La Mennais : during the all morning long, 5 experts delivered programs on their respective thematics based on ecosystemic services : Christian Monier (Direction for the Marine and Mining Ressources), Anthony Tchekménian (UPF), Gilles le Moullac (Ifremer), Jean-François Butaud (Botanist), Faimano Boulet (Direction for the Environment in French Polynesia).

WEB anthony T la mennais

In the meantime, school children from 17-18 years old from Aorai welcomed Marc Tardy (Meteo France) and Magali Verducci (Heremoana consulting).

Thanks a lot to the experts and scientists that adpated themsleves to the public and permit to make from the event a real science fair:

WEB la mennais equipeBenoit Beliaeff (Ifremer), Faimano Boulet (Direction for the Environment in French Polynesia), Jean-François Butaud (Botaniste), Benjamin de Clume (apiculteur), Gilles Le Moullac (Ifremer), Jean Kape (Best – Tamariki Te-Puka-Maruia – Te Reo o te Tuamotu), Chin Long Ky (Ifremer), Elodie Martinez (IRD), Christian Monier (DRM), Régis Plichart (association ProScience), Gilles Tehau Parzy (Eden Park Bio Stratégies), Antoine Poteau (IRD), Philippe Raust (SOP Manu), Marc Taquet (IRD), Marc Tardy (Meteo France), Taivini Teai (UPF), Anthony Tchekemian (UPF), Magali Verducci (Heremoana consulting), Thierry Zysman (Editions Tethys).

  • Friday morning – University from French Polynesia – Heiva for the sciences
WEB DSC_0258

The in-trainging teachers for the Elementary school from the IUFM organised the “Heiva for the sciences” towards 3 school-classes from Punaauia Elementary school (9-11years old). Children participaed to various activites showing the importance of the nature for the human being and the need tho preserve our ecosystems. Futre teachers have created their own workshops based on : pollinating, water-cycle, composting… The CRIOBE entity and our educator and director joined the event to provide eductaional activities and deliver the Booklet on ecosystemic services realises as part of the event. At least, more than 90 children were welcomed.

Saturday October 10th:

PA100237The saturday evening was dedicated to the free forecast of the story movie Sammy II in the Gardens of Paofai. Goal of this screening was to gather families to make them aware about the necessity to protect the nature and to diffuse the “Booklet on Ecosystemic services” realised to everyone that would like to get involved to the nature conservation. An evening that gathered more than 200 persons.

<< Discover the Event Poster- FDS 2015

visuel page couv livretFinally, as part of the Science Fair, the foundation created a special “booklet on Ecosystemic services in French Polynesia” for the public (mostly teenagers, teachers and adults). Edited in 4 000 specimens, every child received a booklet to discover all the services offered by our nature and to try to help to protect those services, essential for the health of the human being. We need to remeber that“Overused and polluted, our Earth is worn out”.

<<Download the Booklet on Ecosystemic  Services (only French)


This  24th edition of the Science Festival in French Polynesia is coordinated by the association Te Mana o Te Moana which was appointed by the Country and the High Commission of the French Republic in French Polynesia.

We would like to thank all the research centers, experts, scientists of the “Fenua” (French Polynesia) that participated to make a real celebration of the Science and gathered more than 1 600 persons, mostly teenagers (15-17 years old).

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Science Festival History

Created in 1991 and managed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Science Festival promotes the exchanges between the scientific community and the general public.AFFICHES_50x100 FDS 2015

It’s a success with more than one million visitors every year, 7000 researchers involved and a lot of programs, exhibitions, debates, unusual initiatives, everywhere in France and in the French overseas departments, targeting from the youngest to the oldest.

It’s a practical, friendly and playful science approach; it’s the perfect occasion to discover the world of science and meet the scientists. The Science Festival is a national event conveyed in French Polynesia which allows “the science celebration”, introducing it to the general public in a playful, educational and interactive way by the scientists themselves, be they researchers, teachers, or participants of the local economic life….


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