Awareness tour in the Australes, with Pew Polynesia support

Since last week, the school awareness tour in the Australes has continued in Tubuai and in Rimatara. Indeed, thanks to the support of Pew Polynesia, our animators travel the southern islands to explain to school the different marine environment management plans (PGEM, AMP, ZPR, Rahui, etc.) and the benefit of setting up collective initiatives like a ” Rahui Tamari ” or a request for the label” AME ” (Marine educational area).
For two weeks, students from the islands of Rimatara and Rurutu received Magali in one morning for an information session followed by a session on site where children accompanied by their teachers were able to choose a marine area for the study of its environment. It is, among other things, the Reef Check method that they discovered through the counting of certain species of fish (e.g. Butterfly Fish etc), invertebrates (e.g.: Sea Urchins, hava ‘ e, clams) and types Corals (massive etc) while learning to recognize episodes of coral bleaching.
In Total, more than 100 pupils have been sensitized to the protection of the marine environment.

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